Sunday, 5 March 2017

Understanding a woman.....Part 2

UNDERSTANDING A WOMAN PART II  To love a woman is HUMILITY. Why? Because if you have it in mind that you're the "MAN" and she is the "woman" then your relationship will never work. Humility doesn't mean that you assume the position of the woman and she the man but that you carry her along like you're the body and she is the heart. For we all know that both need eachother to be useful. In doing this neither of you is less than the other. Women nag, women banter, women complain, women are ANNOYING!!! I'm a woman, and I'm telling you this. My fellow women get on my nerves everytime. But it is really just how we were created. So once you get to know the brand of annoying your woman is, tune yourself to understand it, and you would be relationship goals 100%...Trust me.
To love a woman is FAITHFULNESS. There's so much to say about this but I don't even know how to begin it. Don't break your woman by cheating. When you cheat, you indirectly tell her she is not enough so you need to add another woman to her so that you're satisfied. It is better to abandon a knife in her heart than to cheat on her...Hmmmm...I'll rest my case on this particular point here. If there is anything that she is doing different from those girls you admire, get her to do them, talk to her about them, make her the woman of your dreams, dont try to complete her with someone else.......
Relationships are always a struggle. It is the decision to continue the struggle that is the success......😍😚


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