Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Is he finished COMPLETELY or completely FINISHED?

... footballer thanks wife and girlfriend on live TV
That awkward moment when it seems like all the forces from your father and your mother side from the village have conspired to finish you completely. For Muhammad Anas, it is evident that unlike R Kelly whose “storm is over”,  Anas tongue is still loading from Apapa because his wife back home is ready to ditch to him (not the tastiest of meals) but the unrestrained strokes from an enraged housewife.
The Ghanaian striker who last week Friday goofed on live TV when he appreciated the combine effort of his lovely “wife and girlfriend”.
The 22-year-old striker who is clearly in trouble with his wife after scoring an own goal during a revealing post-match interview on live TV, which has been branded “the best man-of-the-match speech of all time”.
The winning speech from the ‘fortunate’ baller reads -  "Firstly I appreciate my fans," Anas began before adding: "[And] my wife and my girlfriend."
After realising his mistake, Anas attempted to make amends as the camera continued to roll.
"I'm so sorry, my wife!" he quickly added. "I love you so much from my heart."
"Thanks for supporting me there is more to come," he blundered on before the interview came to an end.
As a typical Nigerian man, in sympathetic resonance you will empathize with Anas because after all we men sometimes suffer similar ordeal after you done all you can pass wording your phones, especially your text messages and your social media handles; only for you to let your guards down and the cat jumps out of the bag, seriously my brother you are most likely completely finished only God can come to your rescue. Peace



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